Wacloud Consults

Wacloud Quality Consults in partnership with Infotrade provides a full line of industry specific quality and compliance | Certification scheme solutions and services to many of satisfied customers country wide. Our service enables regulated companies to acquire and accelerate standards compliances and get to market faster while maintaining Quality standards and improving efficiency.

What we do

1. Automated Quality Management
Reduce risk and get your products to market faster and safer.

2. Documents and Change
Automate and manage your product, quality and other documents of every kind across the enterprise, from creation to approval, distribution, retrieval and non conformities throughout the entire product lifecycle.

3. Incidents and Corrective Actions
Integrate your corrective actions with all quality subsystems (i.e., customer complaints, audits, change control, etc.) and track incidents that could potentially escalate into corrective actions. Automate the routing, notification, delivery, escalation, and approval of corrective actions and securely store all correlated documentation.

4. Audits and Preventive Actions
Streamline and automate your planning, scheduling, and execution of audits from beginning to end. Effectively manage your audit findings, responses, and related preventive actions while simplifying the audit reporting process to allow for final audit reports.

5. HACCP | Risk and Mitigation
Unify all risk-related activities and documentation within a single, centralized repository. Capture a complete and accurate picture of the risk landscape across product lines, business processes, and business units while providing scheduled reporting and full search capabilities to gather insights into risk assessment and mitigation activities.